Sports Vision

Sports Vision Carolina: See Your Way to Victory

Are you serious about sports?

If so, you know how important it is to train, eat right and to invest in quality equipment, but did you ever think about the importance of your vision?

Over 80% of an athlete’s performance is guided by their visual system.

How can you improve your vision?

Sports Vision Carolina Can Help!

Sports Vision involves the evaluation and treatment of an athlete’s visual skills to enhance and improve their ability to excel in any chosen sport.

Sport Vision Carolina’s Program will train you to:

  • See more and react faster
  • Increase your concentration and focus
  • Track objects in motion more efficiently
  • Make quicker and more informed decisions
  • Recognize and respond to visual cues faster
  • Determine rotation and speed of moving objects

If you are serious about achieving and surpassing your athletic goals, call Sports Vision Carolina at 704-817-3800 to speak to our professionals and learn more about our services.

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It takes top visual performance to get top athletic performance. Training specific visual tasks provides the guidance that an athlete needs to be successful. These essential functions should not be left up to chance. Athletes who have successfully completed sports vision training significantly out-perform those who have not.

Dr. Tracy MacIntyre explains how sports vision therapy helps athletes “See Their Way to Victory”

Comprehensive Sports Vision Evaluations

Sports Vision requires important visual skills outside of the realm of the regular eye exam. A comprehensive sports vision evaluation from Sports Vision Carolina includes:

1. Dynamic Vision
2. Peripheral Awareness
3. Reaction Time and Anticipation
4. Focus and Concentration
5. Eye Hand or Eye foot Coordination
6. Visual Memory
7. Depth perception
8. Eye tracking

Personalized Vision Enhancement Programs

Through our sports vision evaluation we will determine your strengths and then make a sport specific Vision Enhancement Program to train your weaknesses. We will work with you to help you reach your athletic goals by improving your visual abilities.

Sports Vision

At Sports Vision Carolina, we are also experts in prevention and management of sports related eye injuries, fitting the best visual correction for you and your sport and the use of tints and filters to maximize your sight.

We understand sports and know what products will protect your eyes and help you see your best,
without compromising your performance.

Visit our Specialty Eyewear page for more information about our sports vision products.

For a full sports vision evaluation and assessment contact us today at: 704-817-3800

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